La Cle

XVIIIth century, alternative England. The sky remains purple due to the great amount of factories and massive ash rejections. Without electricity, the country lives on mechanical industries, and it has developed astonishing skills: humans have become capable of transforming living beings into controlled machines. Joey is a mechanician at the cloud's factory, and avoid those terrible facts, like everyone here.

April 1st, 2011, 2:36 pm

Open the door

"La Cle", "The Key" in english, is a short 24 pages story. It has been done for the 24hours comic day of Bordeaux' university (France). It means that it has been done in 24 hours, from 5PM on 25th March 2011 to 5PM on 26th March, at the university, with the others participants. We had to do a 24 pages comic with restrictions.
There was two themes, and I chosed this one: "Oh no... I forgot my keys !". The fact is that in french, the word "key" have many significations, and among them there is "spanner".

Joey and Ethan are the main characters of a bigger project on which we are currently working on. We hope to post their story, here or elsewhere, as soon as possible !

You can see more picture of them and of the others characters of the project on my DeviantArt gallery !

Thank youuuu !

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